• Tour Name: Cambodian Cultural Village Half-Day
  • Tour Duration: Half-Day
  • Tour Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Tour Style: Tour Activities

It may be kitsch, it may be kooky, but it’s very popular with Cambodians and provides a diversion for families travelling with children. This is the Cambodian Cultural Village, which tries to represent all of Cambodia in a whirlwind tour of re-created houses and villages. The visit begins with a wax museum and includes homes of the Cham, Chinese, Kreung and Khmer people, as well as miniature replicas of landmark buildings in Cambodia.

There are dance shows and performances throughout the day, but it still doesn’t add up to much for most foreign visitors, unless they have the kids in tow. It’s located about midway between Siem Reap and the airport.


What you can expect

Wax Museum exhibits the well-known historical people from the first century up to 20th century. The antique museum has reflected the life style during Angkor period and Angkor construction that induce the visitors easy to understand Angkor splendid civilization. In this museum was show about Khmer lifestyle, Traditional game, Khmer house, Khmer wearing dress and the way how Angkor Wat was built during the time of 12th century.

The Millionaire House is an ancient style of Khmer construction during the Ou Doung period, the rich families stayed in this old style Khmer construction. It was made of high quality materials, fine wood to make it strong and good decoration. This place where the most popular and Traditional Khmer Wedding ceremonies were performed.
The Chinese people have moved to Live in Cambodia more than thousand years ago during the Song Dynasty. Most of them are dealing by small business, crop and vegetable. The principle religion is Buddhism.

The origin of Cham people is from Champa, Vietnam. Cham people mostly live along the riverbank and make their living by fishing and in producing fine blacksmiths. Cham people can be found in almost every place in the country, their religion is based in Islam (Preah Allah).

Kola people, originally from Burma since 1870, are one of the minorities living in Pailin Distract, northwest of Cambodia where there are plenty of precious stones and peacocks. They came to Cambodia to dig precious stones to be cut and made into beautiful jewelries. The popular dance of Kola people was called Pailin Peacock Dance is performed here highlighting the peacock’s activities.

Kroeung Village. Kroeung people are the ethnic minorities Living in the northeast of Cambodia, Rattanakiri province where there are rich supplies of natural resources, they make their Living by Farming and hunting. They believe in Animism, “Choosing Fiancé Show” (The females have the right and freedom to choose whom they are going to get married) is performed in this village.
The Lifestyle of Cambodian lived abroad. Features house and the church which shows the Christian religion. We exhibit their lifestyles, houses where they live, church and others. Khmer are the main people of Cambodia. There are many types of houses in Khmer village such as Peth house, Kantaing house and Raungdoeung house, there are main models of houses of Khmer people. Wood and stone carving, clay pot making, palm sugar making, crafting, Fishing and more are performed here especially Khantremming Dancing.

Phnorng Village One of the tribal groups living in the Northeast of Cambodia, Mondukiri Province. They make their living by farming and hunting. They believe in Animism, they are headed by Water and Fire Manster Choosing Show” is performed.

What is Included

  • Show ticket
  • Buffet
  • Hotel Pick-up

What is Not Included

  • Meals
  • Drink
  • Other personal expense

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